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Water Features in your Garden

Water Features in your Garden

There is nothing quite like water in the garden. As well as being relaxing to listen to, if positioned properly it adds light and also brings life into the garden by way of birds and wildlife. Water features are a great way to bring further enjoyment into the garden.

Having water in the garden is not a new idea by any means. For over five hundred years Islamic gardens have concentrated on three areas. Shade, water and enclosure and because water is fundamental in plant growth, it’s not surprising that it features in so many gardens.

However the choice of water features can be a bit mind blowing. The thing to remember is to have a water feature that matches your design of garden, is affordable to you and most important, one that you like, whether it’s a pond, self- contained water feature, rill or a full blown fountain.

Having a pond in your garden will very quickly attract plenty of wildlife to your garden but you will need to remember that you will need to take care of your water, if you don’t want your pond to look as though it’s filled with green sludge! If you prefer the more natural way then there are plenty of pond plants you can buy that will help oxygenate your pond, and make it more attractive at the same time. This will be the best way to keep your water clean, if you are planning on having fish in your pond. Alternatively there are filters you can get to keep the water clear. When deciding where to have your pond beware of trees with overhanging leaves that shed in the autumn or winter as this will make more work for you.

Water Features
Self-contained water features are ideal for the smaller garden and there are so many on the market out there that there will be one that will suit the look of your garden. For the modern look go for a stainless steel globe or obelisk, keeping the planting around them simple – grasses are perfect for this. For the more traditional look, try a replica pump, and for a totally rustic feel a simple pot or bowl over flowing into pebbles will give you that calming water sound without costing a fortune. Bear in mind – water features do need simple water treatments to avoid them becoming a home for every mosquito and gnat in the area!

Fountains and Waterfalls
These are generally more suited to the larger garden and can be a real focal point. However you need to make sure the style matches the garden and your property. Again these will require maintenance so unless you unless you’re confident in what you’re doing it’s worth spending time researching or getting some advice on the location and method of keeping the water clean.

Rills are long, narrow expanses of water – rather like a canal – either moving or still, usually used as a border or feature to step over. Think French chateaux or British country houses like this one at Coleton Fishacre, a National Trust Property.

The thing to remember is that electrics will feature in almost all of the above different water features. Whilst there are some good solar powered water features, pumps, filters etc. are best connected to the mains. Water and electricity do not mix so make sure you use a qualified electrical installer. We have designed and built lots of water features over the years, so if you’d like to install one, and don’t know where to begin – give us a call! We can help!

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