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Looking after your lawn during the Summer months

Looking after your lawn during the Summer months

The summer is the best time to spend on your lawn, barbecuing with friends and family, sunbathing, making the most of the weather and enjoying your garden in all its summer beauty. It is also the time when the children want to play football, cricket and other games on the grass. However your lawn will need to rewarded for all this wear and tear!!

Firstly, you’ll need to cut it more regularly during the summer months, twice a week is a good idea from June onwards making sure you keep the blades on the mower at a higher setting as cutting your grass too short can damage and burn the grass. By cutting the grass on a longer setting your lawn will benefit in a number of ways. The longer grass will allow shade for the soil underneath to prevent it from drying out and as the taller blades of grass will obtain more light they will produce more nutrients to roots and soil around them. So remember the motto ‘little and often’ when it comes to mowing during the summer. When cutting the grass it’s always nice to trim the edges to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.

Keep an eye out for weeds during the summer months – if you check daily for any new weeds and remove them when they are young, it will prevent their roots from taking hold in the soil.

If the weather has been very dry and hot for a period of time, you lawn will quickly dry out so make sure you water regularly, hose pipe bans permitting obviously! It is important to water your lawn either early in the morning or in the evening so that the soil can absorb the moisture before the sun has time to dry it out. Make sure you water your lawn thoroughly as giving a light water will only cause damage as it will encourage the roots to come to the surface.

Keeping your lawn mown, weeded and watered will keep it looking green and pleasant for the whole Summer.

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