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Decorating Your Garden For Christmas

Decorating Your Garden For Christmas

We all have a house in our area. A house which is decorated for the Christmas holidays with thousands of bright lights throughout the Christmas period every year. It’s something of a local marvel. People walking by wondering how much it costs in electricity bills, and others wonder how they sleep at night with that bright red glow coming from their garden. Though you may not want to decorate your house in such an extreme manner, there are a few tasteful decorations you can use around your garden to create a cosy, festive atmosphere. Here are a few of our ideas:

Fairy Lights
These fun little lighting features have been around for years, and are already popular for use on indoor Christmas trees and other interior areas. However, these are now available with waterproofing and solar power! Which makes these perfect for outdoor use.
Fairy lights are available in both traditional yellow colours and more modern bright white/blue colours. Depending on your home’s styling, different colouring could work for you.

So what can you do with them? Some people use them to create guides along paths during the dark winter nights. However, it can also be highly visually appealing to string these lights along the branches of a deciduous tree, on on a lollipop bay outside your front door.

Candles are a more traditional way to decorate during the winter. There are a few ways to display candles in the outdoors – you have to keep in mind that a naked flame can very easily be blown out by a passing breeze. For this reason we recommend a container that can protect the flame. Many high street shops will sell lantern styled candle holders which protect the flame from the elements whilst also allowing it to breathe. Alternatively you can recycle old jars, removing the label to create a simple, but effective candle holder. Add some ribbon or parcel string for a festive twist.

A Wreath On The Door
This classic Christmas decoration adds festivity and colour to your door. These are often available for purchase, but if you have the time why not make your own? Go for a walk and find anything green, fir branches are popular – and of course, holly and ivy. Birch twigs are elegant when spray painted white, gold or silver. Create a circle with what you’ve gathered and secure it with twine or wire. Or buy a preformed moss ring, and wire on additional decorative elements. If you don’t want to make a wreath, you can create a simple garland by wiring your gathered foliage to a length of ribbon, and then adding lights and decorations. The options are endless!

Adding lights and festive foliage to your property’s frontage creates a cheerful welcome for your Christmas visitors, without having to take out another mortgage for the electric bill! Go on – give it a go!

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